Time Blurrers
Z├╝rich, Schweiz

The lighting installation consists of nine transparent Plexiglas light tubes of different lengths, each of which is attached to a suspension point in the upper area of the entrance hall. Each tube is equipped with two linear light sources, one of which is white and shines downwards, the other is colored and shines upwards.
In addition, each tube is fitted with a small motion sensor and a microchip that controls the brightness of the two light sources. If the sensor detects movement in the room, the light output is increased and the colored light source lights up slowly. If no movement is detected for a certain period of time, the colored light source slowly fades out again. As each light tube has its own motion detector, the more people move through the entrance hall over a certain period of time, the more intense the multi-colored lighting becomes. If you approach the building from outside, you can tell from a distance by the color of the lighting installation whether there has been recent activity in the entrance hall or not. Even if you look down from the upper floors via the gallery or are in the rear area of the co-working space, you can recognize signs of people's movements from a distance. As the colored light sources only go out after a delay, every past movement in the room leaves a visible trace.